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    [H] <Myth> 25 Man 6/6 5/6 – Recruiting DPS - EU Turalyon!

    Guild Website: myth-guild.info

    • Looking for a solid, experienced and friendly guild?
    • Missing that special 25 man raiding scene?
    • Enjoy cheering after a new boss kill like the good old days?
    • Want to progress through end content including 25 man heroic bosses?

    We’re particularly interested in the following classes:

    • Enhancement shaman
    • Hunter
    • Warlock
    • Rogue
    • DPS Death Knight

    If your class or role is not listed but still eager to raid, apply anyways! We’re always looking to add awesome players!

    If you got any questions then drop in game and give us a whisper!
    Feel free to contact: UKMuzik, Natoleah, Gnub, Djimoo, Lílíth or Bananajonés, they might be on their alts, if so then simply poke a member of guild who will point you in the right direction.

    Our Raiding Times: (server time)

    Wednesday: 20:00 – 23:30
    Thursday: 20:00 – 23:30
    Monday: 20:00 – 23:30
    Tuesday: 20:00 – 23:30

    All raids include a short break of approx 10 mins around 22:00.

    About us

    Myth is a 25 man Horde Raiding guild located on Turalyon EU server, one of the oldest servers around. The core of the guild has been solid since we started raiding back in Vanilla and is still going strong! Having defeated every boss in Outlands, vanquished the Lich King on heroic in Northrend, destroyed Deathwing heroic in Cataclysm, all the while picking up more loot then we know what to do with!

    We’re a bunch of avid gamers with a great mix of people, raiders, ex-raiders and social, all of which want to enjoy the game. Our raiders are an awesome group who like to push their limits. However, those raiders also often have families and jobs so we understand if you can’t make a raid and we try to be very flexible to accommodate those needs. We’ve got many socials creating a great atmosphere and there always someone dabbling in old raids, 5 mans, pet battles or a bit of PVP that you can join in with.

    We’re currently progressing through Mists of Pandaria raid tiers at our own unique pace (currently 6/6 MSV, 5/6 HOF) and we would like to add some solid damage dealers to our raiding team, if you like the sound of it then give it a whirl and apply!

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    Bumped up to the top!

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    Bump! looking for some dps!

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    Bump! looking for some dps!

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    Bump! looking for some dps!

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    currenttly recruiting:

    Enhancement shaman
    DPS Death Knight
    Healing Priest, Druid or Monk or Paladin

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