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    [H] Eon 15/16n 1/16h recruiting for heroic progression

    Eon is a 10 man raiding guild on the Horde side of Burning Legion, and we are currently recruiting!

    We are currently looking for:

    a Protection Warrior
    a Guardian Feral Druid with Balance Off-Spec
    a Protection Paladin
    a Brewmaster Monk

    a survival/beast mastery hunter
    Balance druid/Restoration druid
    Shadow Priest

    It is very useful if you're very well accustomed to your class' various specializations; Especially in the art of dealing damage when not off-tanking.
    High performance is expected of each player in our raid, and all exceptional players are encouraged to apply.

    A little bit about us:
    Our ranks have extensive experience in almost all PvE content:

    Vanilla Content including Original Naxx40 and Molten Core;
    High-end Sunwell raiding, including all progression throughout Zul'Aman and Black Temple,
    Relevant time-period Kingslayers and trivial WoTLK cleared in various small guilds.
    Heroic T11, 6/7H Firelands- with multiple P4 Heroic Ragnaros attempts pre-nerf- as well as 5/8H Dragon Soul pre-nerf, with the last 3 fights rolling in at 10 and 15% nerfs.
    We use a Loot Council system, with the officers delegating loot based on how best it will help the raid.
    Seniority doesn't play a factor in gear selection, as our GM is currently the least geared player in the raid and still excels at his role.
    Our current progression is 1/6H MSV, 6/6 HoF and 3/4 ToES.

    Raid Times:
    Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday
    8pm-11pm Server (9-12 EST)
    All raiders are expected to arrive ready for raid in a timely manner.

    **Note during progression we will be adding a monday here and there in order to stay competitive with guilds raiding 5 days on the server.

    Our Expectations:
    End-game atmosphere is expected of all players. Flasks and feasts are for the most part provided by the guild. However, you are expected to come ready with these items, including:
    1. Potions: Pre-potting for heroic progression is a necessity,
    2. Gear fully enchanted with appropriate gems maxing potential.
    3. A full extent of knowledge on your class, as well as any class you choose to bring to the raid atmosphere is required. All who are interested should be able to prove their worth.
    4. The drive to actually kill bosses and progress- we’re not all about the gear. If you’re raiding with us, you actually have to want to raid.

    Contacting Us:
    Dirtypaws#1751 (Dirtypaws)
    tailsshadow4#1701 (Murik)

    Thanks, and happy hunting!
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    Here's to the Christmas season!

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    Wtb future OT!

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    Still looking for a solid replacement!

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    Christmas is right around the cornerr!

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