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    DK tanking rotation level 60?

    I'm starting up a Blood DK for Tanking in my guild and I am a little confused as to how to do a proper tanking 'rotation', I looked up all the guides on pages like Noxxic and Icy-veins but those are pretty much max level guides which require some abilities I just don't have and I refuse to tank a dungeon for strangers when I don't know what I am doing. I have tanked before on a druid bear in Cata, so I am no stranger to tanking, I just don't know what my rotation should look like around level 60, can anyone help me out?

    I just got out of the DK zone with +45% heirloom gear on and am level 59 and I have like 8 abilities and I don't want to just smash buttons when I pug.

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    There's 'core abilities' tab in your spell book. Check it out.
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    Jesus, spam heart strike for faster dungeons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valium104 View Post
    Jesus, spam Blood Boil for faster dungeons.
    Fix'd :P


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    Let me try and give a slightly better response lol. Most pulls in dungeons will be fine with DnD with blood boil and heart strike. At the current difficulties with dungeons, and the fact most people *especially the healer* will be decked out in heirlooms, you shouldnt have to worry bout dying. As far as a *rotation* goes we really dont have one. Multi target is simply DnD, BB, and HS. Single you should be hitting blood strike whenever available, dumping runic power in RS, then hitting HS when the other two are up. Try and get VB glyphed and maybe IB, but survival cd's are really unneeded in dungeons.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks for the detailed responce.

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    Actually, with how the spells are currently (leveling a third dk >.>), Blood Boil hits harder than anything else, even single target until lvl 80+. So literally, diseases + Blood Boil spam. Spend your Frost + Unholy runes on Death Strike, and when they refresh they'll be Death Runes which you use for Blood Boil. You also have rune tap for heal, Lichborne + Death Coil on yourself (at lvl 60 you should be swimming in RP), or Raise Ghoul + Death Pact.

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    Death siphon if you have death runes, blood boil/death strike if you don't. You'll solo everything.

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    Death Strike Heart Strike Rune Strike( when runic is at 60%) Blood Boil (to hold better threat)
    take rolling blood as first tier this will spread your diseased on your targets when using blood boil
    AOE pulls : open with death and decay then diseases blood boil to spread then heart strike then follow rotation heart strike beeing used alot and use death strike for self heal
    at higher lvl's use soul reaper when target is under 35% DONT forget to use your dancing rune weapon then soul reaper for double soul reaper if that still works
    for fast pack pulling use your death grip to pull more into your d&d at lvl 60 you can still pull alot of mobs in dungeons keep d&d up and keep pulling them
    blood boil hits harder but your can give a nice global cd when spamming also use your anti-magic shell to get a boost in runes
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    Blood Boil is OP for low level. Better damage than Heart Strike. Way better damage.

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    Drop Death and Decay whenever you can. Spend blood runes on Heart Strike on 2 or less targets, Blood Boil on any higher numer. Spend your unholy and frost runes to keep diseases up and spam Death Strike. Dump your runic power with Runic Strike, or if you don't have that yet, Death Coil.

    Don't worry too much about these kind of things, you have to try extremely hard to fuck things up in dungeons at those levels

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    Quote Originally Posted by Waltzinblack View Post
    Blood Boil is OP for low level. Better damage than Heart Strike. Way better damage.
    yes but you will get global cd's if you spam to much and then on higher lvl this wont work so you learned nothing at higher lvl blood boil does more dps when your vengeance is high enough use it when it procs then go for a normal rotation of your planning on real tanking instead of placing your face on your keyboard and roll on it

    its both good but you need to learn the class
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    Blood rune: Blood Boil.
    Frost+unholy runes: Death strike.
    Runic power: Rune Strike.
    Death rune: Blood Boil for dps, Death Strike for survivability. Determine based on how comfortable you're surviving.

    Except when you use a rune for Death and Decay for example, or runic power for dancing rune weapon.

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    Blood boil does TONS more damage than heartstrike up until mop levels, you do top damage in dungeons by about 70% in BoA's and Blood boil spam. its unreal

    Unless ofc they patched that in 5.1

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    Disease #1
    Disease #2
    Blood Boil x2 (with the Roiling Blood talent)

    That's it - use Death Strike when needed or just let your healer heal.

    Blood Boil again when you have a blood rune available to grab aggro back.
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    Take Roiling blood lvl 56 talent, pull with icy touch + plague strike... proceed to blood boil the livling crap out of everything, throw in a couple of death strikes if u need to... and use dmg reduction cd's for lols :P.... you'll pull double the dps as anybody in the dungeon 99% of the time and be indestructible pretty much

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