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    gemming/reforging for destro lock

    Any tips on this?
    How good is PvP power? Could I scrap socket bonuses and just see how much damage I do with all 320 PvP power gems...anyone tried this? Lol
    Is it good to have a high crit over mastery too as I've seen a few reforging guides to go for mastery over crit as destro....
    I guess it all depends on how you want to play like in 2v2 as the target id be best stocking up on full resilience?
    But what I'd be more interested in is doing the best damage possible, what kind of gemming refforging stats am I aiming for?

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    Well, the only way you're gonna be doing damage is if you're alive and since warlocks are so easy to train down, I'd go full resilience all the time, except perhaps RBG's.

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