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    Your Best Moment as a DK

    my best moment was probably yesterday when i looted Ashes of Al'ar
    tell me yours

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    My favorite moment was 1 on 1 fight in Wintergrasp between my blood DK and another blood DK. I know blood DKs are ridiculous, but MOST people I face who play blood in BGs/TBarad/WGrasp are god awful at it, and get destroyed by mine. This guy though...he wasn't awful. Our fight went 15 minutes with neither side coming close to victory, the fight only ended when a pally showed up and joined me. The 2 of us together were finally able to take him down. It was absurd, but great fun.

    Otherwise, having a team of 5 show up at a node I was defending alone...I called incoming, by the time they got there, the 2 warriors and the feral were dead, the rogue had vanished, and the enhance shaman was running away.

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    Back when Wrath of the Lich King just came out, i was playing a DK.

    I PvE'ed alot back then, so i was in full BiS PvP gear, and i thought "why not do some arena?", so i was fighting people with 1400 mmr and having fun because i was in BiS gear and doing so much damage, well, my ret paladin died in a battle and i was 1v2 against mage/rogue, and 5 seconds after my ret died i managed to kill the rogue by gripping him, but without any resillience i was an easy target for a mage. i popped my heals, AMS etc. to get to full HP and he just kited me. he kept kiting me (while he was at 100% hp) untill i was at 10% hp, where he let me get into melee range.

    Well, guess what - Rune strike + Heart Strike for 20k each (this is when blood was the DPS spec, for the newcomers), and BOOM he died, through ice barrier and 25k hp

    best moment ever

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harzaka View Post
    Heroic kills being the last alive with Purgatory.
    Have had a few of those myself, none of them were first kills though. :(

    My personal favorite has got to be back in season 9: Me playing DK/Feral/Priest against Thugcleave (Disc/Hunter/Rogue) and Dark Simming a Dispel Magic from the Priest to dispel a crucial trap from my own Priest, ended up winning us the game.
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    It was in Wrath, when Blood was a DPS spec.

    I had some pretty cool gear. Was doing Forge of Souls with guildies and one shot our healer with Death Strike on mirror.
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    Wouldn't you like to know?
    When I got to 85 and decided to start playing around with Dark Sim, I decided to queue up for a TB fight. First spell I stole, bloodlust. Popping lust as a dk just feels right.
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    Oh, PVP twinks. I thought this was about Anduin.
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    I am so triggered right now.

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    I have had a lot of fun times on this toon but one I remember the most was when I did the Shadowmorne questline and we did the Sindragosa part on a regular HC kill. I was close to death (ie less than 5% hp) on so many oaccasions i lost count, yet we still managed to do it.

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    Prolly during ICC with Armor pen DW frost I really liked the playstyle of frost back then. And also gotta say that doing BGs as UH during late wrath (before the cata changes) was incredibly fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harzaka View Post
    Heroic kills being the last alive with Purgatory.
    About 20 seconds after Ta'yak heroic enrage with Purgatory at 1 second left <3.
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    diseaseless blood dps spec was very fun to play in BG's.

    jump -> dismount -> GCD1: MASSIVECRIT, AUTOATTACK -> GCD2: MASSIVE_CLEAVECRIT -> "Honorable Kill"

    I really enjoyed the 3-4 months it lasted.

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    100% armor penetration blood dk, so much win.

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    My best moment in WoW - Arathi Basin; end of WoTLK:

    It was when you could still queue as a raid group premade, we were going for the Resilient Victory achievement in my guild, 3 shadowmournes, geared to the eyeballs, used to roflstomping in bgs, you get the picture.

    There were about 5 randoms in the BG as we weren't a full premade and they agreed to let the horde get 1000 points by giving them 5 bases, then we'd recap farm and work back for the win... Anyway, it didn't quite go as planned, the farm took longer to cap than anticipated and the score was 0-1900 with the horde at 4-1, the randoms started flaming us like mad "GG, nice loss, l2p" etc.

    ...the game ended 2000-1970, achievement done, and to top it off probably the best comeback you'll ever see in Arathi Basin

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    The first time I ranked world #1 on a fight even if I lost the spot within a week
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lachez View Post
    When I got to 85 and decided to start playing around with Dark Sim, I decided to queue up for a TB fight. First spell I stole, bloodlust. Popping lust as a dk just feels right.
    Used Dark Simulacrum recently to copy that Warlock spell that gives 18,000 Mastery on my Frost DK. That was pretty nice

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    At the tail end of Wotlk, my guild was dying, and lost progress from working on P2 HLK to not able to kill Hputricide, so I jumped ship because of that, and other reasons. Anyway, the next guild I joined was working on heroic LK P2/3, and I joined as a tank. I DPSd the frist week and we were wiping in P2 due to soulreaper eating the tanks. 25 man of course.

    The next week I go in as tank, tanking adds in P1, which was a pita for a DK to do, we breeze through that phase. P2 starts and I start tanking the boss, never coming close to dying, and telling the OT to just dps as best he can. P3 comes around, and this is the special part, my job was to soak spirits, I'm doing it well, manging CDs and what not so I don't insta gib myself. Well the tank who is tanking, dies to the first soulreaper, so I go taunt the boss, position myself between the boss and the spirits, with the raid on the outside of the platform. I pop icebound to give time to reset my other CDs, and mid fight redefine my CD rotation so I am soaking ghosts and soulreapers with CDs up. We proceed to get the first kill for the guild with me tanking into the enrage while soaking the last set of spirits as the group spreads out to kite for the remaining 1%.

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    My best moment as a dk has to be when I stayed out for the last big bang before berzek on Algalon and killed him while the rest of the raid ran inside thus yielding us with Herald of the Titans. 2 hand frost was so nice back then, pulling 8K to everyone else's 6K.

    Honorable mention: Pulling 20K dps on heroic festergut using armor pen dw frost

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    When I'm in a 5-man and on a boss and every one dies to tactics but as a blood tank I survive and solo the last part of the fight.

    Happened on:
    Saurok Dude from Mogu'shan Palace

    And once on Hagara, but I also had a hunter up with me.

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    Acherus is my home.
    Purgatory allowed me to live for the extra 3 seconds to get off 1 last death strike which made our first garalon kill happen.
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    Brez'ing my healer into mob cleaves then posting the logs showing all the healing I received from his hot's in between both deaths =P

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