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    Monk Solo Thread [Dungeons]

    I was recently levelling my monk by questing because I hate tanking for PuGs. I started questing in Zul'Drak, but as this is my tenth or eleventh character to level through the zone I got pretty bored - to the point where I no longer wanted to log in to my monk. So it came down to this: do I hit up LFD? Run dungeons with a group? PvP? Keep questing? None of these options really interested me.

    I started playing around with transmog gear and thought the Assassination set from BC dungeons looked interesting. Then a thought struck me; can my level 74 Brewmaster solo lvl 70 dungeons? What about level 70 heroics?

    So I started my monk with normal Setthek Halls, Shadow Labs and Black Morass, which I didn't find too difficult. WowHead now lists these as level 65-70 dungeons, so I guess at 74 I was already 9 levels over the minimum, but the experience added up fairly quickly, bringing the monk to level 76, where I was no longer getting worthwhile experience from the normal dungeons. So I moved into Shadow Labs Heroic, where I quickly ran into a wall on Grandmaster Vorpil.

    I'm tempted to move into Northrend dungeons now, rather than pushing further on TBC heroics - I might even get some useful gear that way. Which brings me to my questions: how far can I push this? Has anyone else had success soloing level-appropriate (or nearly level appropriate) dungeons while levelling? How close to level appropriate is too close to solo the dungeon?

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    I was fine up until ~Cata dungeons on my one monk (not this one, yes I have 2). The mobs health pools go up a lot and they start to really hurt.

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    Good to know - if I get a chance, I might start with Nexus and Utgarde Keep this weekend and move into the higher level dungeons from there.

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    At level 77, completed Utgarde Keep (except Keleseth - damned Frost Tomb!), then rolled through Drak'Tharon Keep. Reached 78 while handing in the dungeon quests.

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    Solo'd Violet Hold and reached 79 on handing in final quest of the Amphitheatre of Anguish. I then tried Gun'drak, but while I killed Moorabi and the Colossus pretty easily, I couldn't survive Slad'ran's Snake Wrap.

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