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    Corsair 650tx 650W PSU. fan doesn't stay on. Defective? or supposed to do this?

    Alright so i have been trying to research this and i generally don't post on here unless i cannot find an answer myself. Soooo....

    I have just built my very first computer everything works its running its all good. One question. I noticed during the external test and pre bootup test with everything in this case that the 650TX 650 Watt corsair power supply fan did come on just for a second when hitting the power button and then went straight off...Is this a feature designed so that it only comes on when needed and not so its running all the time? or is it defective/ installed improperly?

    Thanks, Its much appreciated for any help

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    Most modern PSU's turn the fan down when not required, and on lower wattage models, they'll turn it off completely when both load and temperature inside the unit is acceptable. On higher wattage models (850W+), the fan will almost always be on, but only ramp up when needed.

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    ya its not turned down though is what makes me worried. the fan doesn't spin at all unfortunately, just peeked inside its just sitting still.

    Current Temps:
    GPU: 28C

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    Alright so i managed to find this, Well its a link but i cant post it but i found on the newegg site that has this product for sale it says this in the overview

    The newegg site with the product i am describing: It says in the second sentence: "With fanless mode at low loads and 50C temp rating," So does this mean that anything under 50C will not enable the fan to spin at all? am i correct or misunderstanding?
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    28 degrees celsius is cool as hell tho :P no need for the fan to run then.

    my gpu varies from 50-80C with fan never going at max.

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    It's the GPU temps that dictates whether the PSU fan is on or off, it is the PSU temps... Like the line you quoted from Newegg says, if it is below 50C in your PSU, the fan will not run - this is by design.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kassy View Post
    28 degrees celsius is cool as hell tho :P no need for the fan to run then.

    my gpu varies from 50-80C with fan never going at max.
    GPU temp. has nothing to do with PSU FAN; the temperature doesn't affect the power drain significantly.

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    I think ive figured out the problem. I believe that the PSU fan doesn't come on until 50C and that just has not gotten that hot yet. Thank you for help

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