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    Ashenvale, pre-cata before Blizzard raped it.

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    fav is northrend in general or netherstorm. but i detest the rest of outland. hate it, hate it, hate it. needs a huge assed mana bomb dropped on it to remove it from the world
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    Barrens pre cata

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    Mulgor, pre-cata StV, pre-cata Barrens

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    Westfall and Redridge Mountains.

    My first toons were Alliance and nostalgia definitely factors in. Also, before BOA leveling gear, they were actually decent challenges for your characters.

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    As you said, Nagrand. It just gives a peaceful feeling yet it's beautiful and epic. It was my favorite zone the minute I stepped foot in it and has stayed that way through many xpacs.

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    Zangarmarsh. It has a very "Avatar" feeling to me. Even before the movie came out, I loved questing there.

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