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    2k Exp Rogue LF RBG Team

    As the title says I am but a lonely rogue looking for a consistent RBG team. I am really tired of trying to find pugs every week, and using the battlemasters website has just been nothing but a headache. Getting to 2.2k would be next to impossible if I continued pugging teams. I figured I would give this forum a shot.

    I am a competent rogue(CR 1715) that is fully capable of switching targets when commanded, ninja capping bases, and harassing tanks. I can also throw down a mighty smoke bomb when needed.

    A little about me personally:
    I am a 22 year old college grad about to start law school. I have been playing WoW since the end of Vanilla and started pvping in S2.
    I want to find a competent team that is focused on not only winning but having fun too. (It is fun to win).

    If any teams out there want to give me a shot please add me. Redz#1274
    Armory me: Redz US-Laughing Skull (Can't post links yet)
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