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    How to install winows 8 on home-built system?

    I'm a bit confused about the various versions of Windows 8.

    I know that the system builder version of Windows 8 can be used for a clean install, but I can't find that for sale anywhere in Canada. However, I can find something called the OEM version. Will this install on a home-built system?

    tigerdirect.ca/applications/searchtools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=4864601&pagenumber=1&RSort=1&csid=ITD&recordsPerPage=5&body=REVIEWS#Cust omerReviewsBlock

    (I can't post full links)


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    OEM version is the same as system builder version.
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    If you decide to go for the upgrade, remember that if you need to reinstall you will have to install win8 from scratch first, then upgrade it in order to activate. Stupid bug or whatever but seems to be the only fix atm for Win8 Upgrade customers that needs to reinstall for whatever reason.

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