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    [Music] Christopher Lee heavy metal xmas

    ...ill just leave this here

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    I always thought it was funny that he loves Metal so much.

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    Outstanding! I just love this man's voice.

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    Christopher Lee is boss.

    Oh and let the LotR puns begin :P
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    I find the whole idea of it amazing. The dude was in WW2 and continued tracking war criminals in the intelligence service afterwards, he's had roles in some of the biggest film franchises in history(LotR, Dracula, James Bond, Star Wars), the creator of James Bond is his step-cousin, he's been KNIGHTED for his work in drama and charity, and at 90 years old, an age when most people are barely doing anything or just relaxing and enjoying the time they have left, he decides to sing in a heavy metal band, and becomes the record older for oldest person to ever perform in the genre.

    That is a fucking amazing, right there.

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    Has anyone seen his christmas video for this year?
    He looks like he's gotten a bit younger, the prophecy was right, he is a vampire!
    You may remember me from such threads as!

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    Saruman is the most metal wizard ever. I loved his work with Rhapsody of Fire.

    Sadly, his Charlemagne album was a bit dull, I thought.

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    I'm just imagining Saruman singing this atop Orthanc while tearing up Mirkwood, muahahahha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalyyn View Post
    Sadly, his Charlemagne album was a bit dull, I thought.
    Yeah. I dug the song where he spilled the blood of 4000 Saxon men(forget the song name) but a lot of it wasn't super thrilling. Curious about his next disc though, which is says is going to be more "full on metal"...

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