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    New Deep Freeze Changes.

    Just started leveling my mage (Level 87 now) and I was reading over the changes to Deep Freeze and just wanted to clarify what exactly is happening to it.

    Basically the Deep Freeze/Shatter effect will break after being hit by 1 spell by the mage.. so does this mean that it will be used more or less as a cyclone or hex instead of something that will create high burst damage? It will essentially work as a Frost Nova, but act as a hard cc for the duration (unless broken).

    This is going to be a rather large nerf to the class as a whole.

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    That was taken back I think. Aka not happening.

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    Most of the changes I've seen into these patchnotes are more than ridiculous ( check the rogue changelog for example ) and therefore there is a high chance most of them will be scrapped.
    Regarding DF change, that would conduct it into being nothing more than a stun. In pvp, our damage is already shit. Wasting a FoF proc just to DF ( when other means are off ) is a big NONO. I have a feeling these notes are aimed towards 1500-ish 2v2 noob comps which can't deal properly with mages because their tunnel vision only permits them to randomly zerg on a target, only to be left opened to cc / big hits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Imbashiethz View Post
    That was taken back I think. Aka not happening.
    Thank god.. that would of been a massive nerf to pvp mages.

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    Red face

    I hope it will go live.

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    Get out of here rogue! >:l

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