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    Very few Garrison missions available.

    Hi Everyone,

    I was wondering if anyone could help with this issue.

    Currently, I have 4 lvl 100's. 3 of those, I do several garrison missions every day as I have plenty to choose from.

    However, on my most recently leveled 100, I get 3 a day Max, usualy (like today), I only have one available.

    Does anyone know why this is?. I have a level 3 garrison, level 2 barracks and level 2 Tavern. I have 14 follwers so far.

    I would really appreciate your help as I thought that the more missions I completed, the more would show up, but its been like this for over a week now and no more are showing.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Try upgrading a couple to a higher ilvl, I think that's what triggered it for me. Or maybe every 5-6 100's.

    Though I'm pretty sure you need at least 3 100's to spawn higher missions. Also, having someone in the 90-94 range will help spawn those lowbie missions. Most of the time I see it happen is on brand new characters. Clear out the existing missions and keep a 90-94 around and it should spawn more.
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    Get some more followers (there's a lot to be gained in the wild from very short questlines), that should automatically increased the number of missions you get. I have 6 chars with maxed out garrisons, and on all of them I can check in every ~3 hours or so, to complete missions and reassign without ever having more than a handful left idle.

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