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    Tempting, tempting...

    If I could choose when and get the same benefit, how about when I'm 40 and sterile?

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    If longer life meant Immortality then i'd chop that sucker off myself. But living longer isn't worth it.

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    I refuse to believe getting your penis castrated will help you live longer, that is really a bull of crap.

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    Hahahahahahahahahaha no.

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    No chance in hell. You'd have to add more incentive. Something like...You chop your nuts off, live an extra 20+ years AND get 20 million dollars immediately after the "procedure" then maybe we'll talk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Powerogue View Post
    Tempting, tempting...

    If I could choose when and get the same benefit, how about when I'm 40 and sterile?
    Why would you go sterile so early? o.O

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trassk View Post
    how then can one theory be backed up by another theory that would completely debunk it?
    Right, because with something as complex as the human body they must both increase life span for contradictory reasons. Or you know... it could be as simple as increased sexual activity increases life span simply do to the physical exercise you get at the same time. While someone who has been castrated has less stressful spikes in their cardiovascular system and the like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trassk View Post
    A recent new study suggests that men who have been castrated have show to have a longer life span to those who do not and keep there manhood.

    Suppose then you were told you had so many years left to live, but you could live longer if you were given the option of having that which makes you a man cut off, would you go ahead and do it?
    You'd probably have to get rid of them right now to get those extra years.

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    Interesting theories. And as Vizzle said this same subject was a thread not long ago.

    BTW, seems a few ppl here think that castration = penis removal, which it does not. It is the removal of the testes.

    Maybe they meant what's the use of having a penis if you're castrated or something? But yeah, castration, neutering etc the penis generally stays, the fuzzy nuggets go. ^^

    OH! and BTW Trassk, I am a little afraid to ask but what is your sig pic?

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    So I'd live a longer boring life with extra old age years...


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    I would hardly call that an accurate and conclusive test, so I'm quite happy with my nutsack attached to my body. Let's be honest, it's all downhill after 70, and it's really downhill after 80, not much is to be gained by chopping your balls off even if it does increase your life, it would need to seriously prolong your youth not just your life, and even then...

    What is the youth of a male without balls? No thanks!
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    not a chance.

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    I live only for pleasure and enjoyment. I would gladly die at 70 with full satisfaction and a family than live to 110 without it.
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    I'd rather die, given the choice.

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    If I recall well, from the thread we had a few weeks ago, this only gives you a few extra years if you get castrated as soon as you hit 10 years or so, something like that, I can't really remember now.

    Either way, nop, never would want to be castrated just to live miserably a few more years.
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    Funny how the article references Korean history. All that castration must've drove some of em so bat-crap crazy into what is modern day*coughnorthcoughkoreacough*

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    Sure, guys with balls fall for women, who slowly suck the life out of them a-la black widow. I'd still rather keep my balls though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RICH1471 View Post
    Nah, fuck that. Whats the point in living longer when the best time to be alive is when you are young? Better to die in my mid 70's than live to 110 covered in my own piss.
    I agree with this.
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    I believe the theory is that lack of ejaculation can cause longer life spans (no testes, no ejaculation). I remember reading about a study a number of years ago that men with little to no sexual activity live longer because ejaculation causes the loss of "life force" through semen. However, studies also show men who ejaculate multiple times per week in their younger years can reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

    We all gotta die of something. I'd rather die experiencing as much of life as I can. Humans are sexual creatures....denying that instinct just seems wrong to me.

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    What is a man without his tool?

    I'd rather keep my Johnson and die earlier than live longer without it.

    EDIT: Oh ball removal? Same answer.
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