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    Coming back to wow

    I decided I'm going to re-sub and start playing again, after quitting two weeks after Pandaria came out.
    I'm not sure what class to play as I haven't been in the raiding scene in quite some time.
    I originally got my warrior to 90, but I don't really want to play him anymore.
    My question is, I want to go from 1 to 90 and totally learn a new class. I'm looking to play a strong ranged caster, what class should I play?

    TL;DR, resubbing, what ranged class should I level from 1-90.
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    I believe Arcane/Frost mage is the way to go if u want to be on the top of dps meters. locks seem good too, but it's what playstyle u prefer over the other, watch some youtube vids and see what u like.

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    We don't allow "What class should I roll" threads. The choice of class is too subjective and personal and we can't decide it for you. You're welcome to check out our class forums to get an idea of rotations and how people feel about the classes.

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