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    [Movies] Looking to the future. The Movies of 2013

    So with 2012 rapidly coming to a close, the cinematic machine rumbles on with yet another year of visual high lights to look forward to and to mark onto our brand new calanders. From sequel to re-release to brand new starts. From the multi-million blockbuster to the little known indie. From action to romance to comedy to horror, 2013 brings a wide selection of delectable silver screen delights for your viewing pleasure.

    So, which of the forthcoming movies of 2013 are you looking forward to? Is there anything coming that's filling you with uncontrollable excitement?

    Also, on the flip side, are there any you not looking forward to?

    For me there's more than a few of the blockbusters I am very much looking forward to.

    (In no particular order ^_^)

    Star Trek: Into Darkness
    The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
    Wreck It Ralph (Hasn't been released in the UK yet, we're expecting it in February I believe)
    Man of Steel
    Iron Man 3
    Ender's Game
    Thor: The Dark World
    The World's End
    Anchorman: The Legend Continues
    The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

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    The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, of course!
    I loved An Unexpected Journey and I'll be seeing it for a second time this week. So amazing, can't wait for the next one.

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    Man of Steel and The Hobbit part 2 are the ones I'm most excited for, everything else I'll be seeing, but not as anticipated as those two.

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    Pacific Rim looks like a lot of fun

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    Just because Emma Watson has a cameo in it /dreamyeyes
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    Hobbit 2nd part!
    Iron Man 3
    Avatar 2 (in 2013?)
    no particular order, can't think of anything else...

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    The 2nd Hobbit movie
    Iron Man 3
    Pacific Rim

    Those are the only 3 movies I look forward to so far. I Haven't looked into the 2013 movies yet though

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    Ender's Game is my big one, im very curious about it because it could be spectacular or garbage depedning on how it's done, I don't see it being inbetween.

    I'm also looking forward to Star Trek 2, The Great Gatsby, Marvel's Movies, Man of Steel, Warm Bodies, World War Z, and all the movies Morgan Freeman is in.

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    I guess... Anchorman: The Legend Continues.

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    hobbit2 in 2013 already? cool.

    also, i had no idea there was a movie coming out for enders game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by peggleftw View Post
    hobbit2 in 2013 already? cool.

    also, i had no idea there was a movie coming out for enders game.
    There is, it's coming out in November which means one of two things because of the source material,

    It is Oscar bait (what we should want, that means it'll be a good adaption of the book), or it's trying to bait the Twilight Crowd in (we don't want this, that means it will be a bad adaption of the book).

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    Cant wait until Man of steel comes! God damn, that movie looks so amazing. Nolan <3

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    Hobbit and The Wolverine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tokas View Post
    Hobbit 2nd part!
    Iron Man 3
    Avatar 2 (in 2013?)
    no particular order, can't think of anything else...
    I highly doubt that, last I heard they were planning for like 2015 for Avatar 2.
    Man of Steel and Iron Man 3 are really the only ones that I am dying to see.
    These aren't the spoilers you're looking for.

    Move along.

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    Technically a movie of 2012 (came out Christmas day), but Les Miserables was boss as fuck. Like, I remember having to read the book in high school and being extremely disinterested, and so I figured that the movie would be boring as well. Still, my parents wanted me to see it with them, so I figured why not. And holy crap, I'm glad I did. That movie was freaking amazing. And it had Hugh Jackman fighting Russell Crowe while they were both singing, which is by itself the most amazing thing ever.

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    I kinda looking forward to the movie Elysium, that will come out in march 2013.

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    Oblivion and ...the other Tom Cruise movie

    Can't remember the other movies I want to see that hasn't been mentioned previous in the thread.

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    Anchorman: The Legend Continues

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    Was hopeful for World War Z until I saw the trailer

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