Ever had the same feeling we've had? - "Great, now I've joined another guild that offer a friendly and social environment... Yet there's 20 people online and no one ever types in /g"
Yes? Well then- you should keep on reading.

That's what we've felt too many times in <Dignity> and decided to do the 'impossible'. Create a new guild and simply giving the whole perks and guild-levels a rest, because in the end - it doesn't matter. You do your dailies, you do the LFR and... You do dailies the next day and wait for reset? We noticed that there's so much "lost/dead" time being spent in-game and a lot of people don't seem to care that much anymore - We're hoping a selected few would. We're hoping to bring back the old guild-feeling - Yeah, we weren't kidding when we said "...to do the impossible".

We're not interested in taking the bot-spam route and mass-inviting people, just to end up with the same type of guild that are already on Grim Batol. We'd rather find these great players who've felt the same thing we have - people that also realized "Yeah ok, so I've been in a few different level 25 guilds now...Err, no one really talks and, hm. I might as well go play Skyrim or another single-player game and have Skype open and await that random time when someone wants something." <--- Some people enjoy that, and good for them.

We'd rather work on a solid guild - When you logon and you feel welcome and _a part of a guild_. Where you wouldn't mind doing braindead-grinding because you've finally got a nice group of people to take your mind off the horrid grind.

Be a part of the beginning of something a lot of us want - Dare to take the chance and don't do the same mistake a lot of people have done "I'll just check that guild out later and see if it's successful.". We need you, as much as you need us - Let's make it happen.

Apart from simply joining, we ask more of you:

• That you are infact dedicated and patient enough to make it happen.
• That you are +18 years old.
While this is not a requirement, we'd appreciate if you did join our Teamspeak with a working headset.

We are currently working on a website, so keep checking the post for updates!

Contact: Paralysert or Munchson in-game for a nice chat.