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    Symbiosis the rogue. He can taunt them away from the rest of the raid while the range kills it. He just needs to move out of the smashes.

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    tel your dps they should not touch the strengths at all unless they're multidotting when there's nothing else up but the bosses+strength

    you don't really "tank" the strength since if you do it correctly you shouldn't be taking damage... on our first kill we had the guy tanking it die and our rogue filled in for the rest of the fight

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    I can do that as a mage, too. At least on normal mode. Just make sure that you are the only one attacking so you will have aggro. Don't stand too far away and run through when he casts AoE

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    WW monks can do it. I as WW monk tank them in our HC kills, all you have to do it use your taunt on CD or when you see you are loosing the aggro on it. And if another melee gets the aggro (like it happens all the time in our raid) well they just stay aware and move out the zone. If a range aggros, just taunt.

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    We had a enh shammy doing it the first few weeks before we got a dk in our group.

    people have to use their brains as well. If a ranged pulls off they need to face the guy away from the group so everyoen doesnt stand in teh circle of fail.

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    You don't need a tank of any sort for them. Have ranged nuke strengths down asap. They can move out of the stun and never take any damage.

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    As a rogue, I "tank" them on heroic. Anybody can hold aggro on them and dodge their AoE. Melee are just better suited for it than most ranged because they can move while DPSing. A hunter or a warlock or any other class that can move while casting everything works just as well.

    On normal, our tanks would actually hold them and still never get hit by the AoE or miss a dance.

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    You don't need a plate dps to tank them they don't do melee damage. The only attacks the strengths do is the stun.

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    As others have said , put Symbi on the rogue to give him Taunt, or have your Monk use Provoke. That's what I do when I'm on my monk.

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    We never "tanked" Strengths on Normal, just let them aggro whoever. On Heroic, we use a hunter and give him some time to build threat then burst it down afterwards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fr3nzy View Post
    Our comp:
    Guardian Druid (me)
    Prot Warrior
    Disc Priest
    Resto Shaman
    Resto Druid
    Balance Druid
    Windwalker Monk
    Combat Rogue
    Survival Hunter
    Shadow Priest
    Why are you 3-healing?

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