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    Anything worth stockpiling for 5.2?

    Considering we will be getting a lot of new patterns, some related to the new forge, I was curious if anyone is going to stockpile anything in significance for the patch. I've been thinking about saving all my Living Steel that I make daily but unsure until we see what it takes to make lightning steel.

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    We dont know yet

    if its anything like 4.2 thought...def not living steel

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    If it's anything like 4.2, you'd make a killing on Living Steel if you use Truegold as a reference. With this lightning forge being alluded to, I'd say it's likely to be a good patch for Blacksmiths.

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    Im gonna stack up looaads of ores and cloth for the new pvp sets, i also have cirkus 20 spirit of harmony on ever character.

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    Living steel, spirit of harmony, imperial silk ore/gems and cloth are what I am saving up. In the event if its all worthless, I can just make belt buckles, leg patterns, etc...

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    Of course if their price is worth it.

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    I really hope theres new bags and/or LW drums

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    ore will always be a good earner even late in cata i was still making good coin off it

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    If Blizzard does what they've done lately with PvP crafted gear, stocking up on Exotic Leather, Ghost Iron, and Bolts of Windwool might not be a bad idea. At least for the first week or so.

    As for specialized materials, the new patterns will require Spirit of Harmony as well as the advanced materials like Magnificent Hide, Living Steel and Imperial Silk. Expect Blood Spirits to tank if they plan on releasing a new raid crafting material.

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    My guess would be Living Steel.
    Fairly sure the new crafting patterns (at least for blacksmiths) will use Living Steel along with the new crafting materials in 5.2
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