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    Question for Blacksmiths

    Any of u that have power leveled BS (1-600) since MoP release, what was the most difficult part, of the leveling? I'm thinking of farming all the mats on my 90 DK (max level JC/miner) then drop mining for BS.

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    Oh, and i thought you meant actual blacksmiths, nevermind.
    Excited for about 5seconds.

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    Cobalt and Elementium. Farm alllllll that shit up, or the cost WILL kill you. Literally kill you.
    Regen#1804 need NA overwatch friends.

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    I usually Farm really late at night or really early in the morning it makes things go so much faster since there is a lot less competetion.
    tl;dr Is just another way of saying I am about to troll

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    The availability of old mats for farming is truly dependent upon your CRZ and bots. Hopefully you are not in a bot laden CRZ.

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