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    Everything PvE related for Balance Druids.

    How's it goin' guys?

    I'm just a lowly Balance Druid with a youtube channel where I upload content on a regular basis.

    I upload everything PvE related for Balance Druids:
    DPS Guides
    Boss Specific, Heroic Mode DPS Guides
    Heroic Progression Kills
    Challenge Mode Runs
    Brawler's Guide Kills
    Tips and Tricks

    So here is some of the content that I have released thus far.

    This is my DoT Management Guide for 5.1

    This is my Burst DPS Guide for 5.0.5. (it needs one or two updates, most DoT priorities but everything I missed should be in the comments or description)

    And I'm happy to announce that within a couple of weeks I will be releasing Individual Heroic Mode Boss Guides for Balance Druids. These will merely be tips and tricks for INDIVIDUAL heroic boss fights. I'll be kickin' it off with Heroic Blade Lord and Heroic Elegon. Little tricks like using Barkskin to negate the knock-back from Unseen Strike on Heroic Blade Lord. Little tips to up your DPS regardless of your gear.

    I hope that you all find something of value on my youtube channel if you do decide to visit it. Expect more content to be coming out regularly .

    Self promoting/advertising is not allowed. Infracted.
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    Self promoting Youtube channels isn't alowed on these forums but i gotta say these where quite handy for me as 3rd spec balance :-)
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