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    GTX 660 Ti or AMD Card?

    I'm looking for a graphics card to upgrade possibly in the near future.
    1) What is the equivalent of the 660 Ti for an AMD card?
    2) What is less expensive, the 660 Ti or the AMD alternative?
    3) I do not plan on overclocking at all. In fact, I don't want the card to be overclocked. Factory settings.
    4) Which one has less power usage when there is no overclocking?
    5) I have no preference between AMD and nVidia

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    1. That would be a 7950 i think. The 7870 could be considered, it has less performance but also costs less than both
    2. I think they are similar priced.
    3. Cant anwser that :P
    4. I think the 660ti uses less than the 7950. Im not so sure about the 7870.

    So, you can pick between the 660ti and 7950. I think the 7950 is a bit more powerfull overall, altho i dont think you would notice it between the cards (Both cards are good)
    The 660ti consumes less power.
    What you could do for yourself is check which games you play the most and look at some reviews to see how both cards perform in those games.

    I would personally pick the 7950 out of those two

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    Mind telling us what games you play and the monitor resolution that you play at?

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    A little guidance .. community.futuremark.com/hardware/gpu

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    1080p resolution. Mainly looking for which one consumes less power. Think I'll go for the 660 Ti.

    Do you guys know if the 650 Ti is alright for 1080p?
    Games I play: WoW, SC2, Black Ops @ 1080p

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    go 660 ti if you want to play games

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    The GTX 660TI appears to be a superior choice to the 7870 and 7950, according to the games that you play. This is not a matter of favoritism, as certain games run better on either NVIDIA or AMD cards, and the 660ti looks like it will be a better buy in your circumstances.

    As far as power consumption goes, they're very similar when you compare it to the 7870, but the 660TI does use a lot less than the 7950. Bottom line - I wouldn't worry about it, tbh.

    Reviews with your games:


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    The upper tier AMD cards are going to be out of the question since over-clocking them is not an option you're wanting to take. Over-clocking is their bread and butter, not to mention you won't feel hurt by the 184-bit bus the 660ti carries anyways based on the review by HardOCP. Grab the card and enjoy!

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