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    Asus 6970 Direct CU 2

    Got this card when I built my current pc about a year and a half ago so I thought 'why the hell not' and came to these forums for a bit of help.

    I'd like to think i'm pretty knowledgable about pc's and their 'bits and pieces' but i've never had such a stubborn piece of hardware in my life.

    Basically, it has a miniscule factory overclock of 10mhz on the gpu and nothing on the memory at all.

    Now I bought this card on the absolute proviso it would overclock like a beast due to the triple slot cooler that by all accounts is actually very good at keeping the card quiet. But even another 10mhz on the gpu gives me artefacts all over the place on the heaven unigine benchmark followed by the swift crash out and gpu recovery.

    I know it's out of warranty, not that that would matter, but does anyone have any advice on getting any extra juice out of it? Afterburner and the (shitty) asus overclocking tool won't let me up the voltage beyond what it was set at (1.175v). Setting the fans to 100% doesn't do anything as the card is completely stable thermally and all i get is earache when the fans are set that high.

    Do you reckon I just got the duff card in the batch?

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    Overclocking components is never a guarantee, some chips overclock like nobody's business, others refuse to go even 1MHz above the factory spec. Unfortunately, so long as the card performs at the factory settings and is not unstable, you got what you paid for.
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    I have one (replaced by now), and it overclocked really poorly. A bit further than yours, but only to 922 on the core.

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    The only hardware i've ever had that overclocked massively is my current 2600K (which, when HT is disabled, can pump 4.6Ghz on 1.3V without a problem, it takes 1.4V if i enable HT). I dare say i could run it at 5Ghz daily at 1.4V with HT off and it'd be quite happy. My old 2600K that broke couldn't manage anything. Honestly, it struggled to reach 4.3Ghz at 1.4V with HT off.

    Almost all of my GPU's either overclocked poorly, or didn't overclock at all. The only exception to this was one of my 580's which could push 825Mhz on the core (up from 772), but when i went SLI, that went out the window.

    My current GTX670 has very little headroom, even with an aftermarket cooler. I did manage to push 125Mhz extra on the core, but it didn't stay stable once i moved out of benchmarks and onto real games. I can happily push up to +400Mhz on the VRAM over stock, but the core doesn't budge much at all (i moved down to 90Mhz, and it became unstable in benchmarks again, kept moving down, but couldn't be bothered to try and find an overclock with it once i got down to 50Mhz).

    Some hardware just isn't designed to overclock. It's nothing more than luck of the draw.

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    My ASUS GTX 580 DirectCU II has OC'd really well. It highly depends on the card

    I managed to get it from stock speeds(780 something?) to 910 on Core Clock. Doesn't crash at all.

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    Depends on the card, no two chips are the same. I got lucky and got a 6950 that could unlock the shaders and do a software overclock to 902 / 1294 while undervolted to 1.078V.

    AB won't let you change voltage on DCII cards, they use a non-reference design. You need the right version fo the control form ASUS.
    See: http://www.overclock.net/t/961850/as...in-afterburner

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