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    tell me about MoP

    I quit after the firelands came out back in cataclysm. now my friend has gotten into WoW and wants me to return to it. what do you, the people of MMO champ, have to say about Mists? is it worth coming back at all, is the price worth it? or should i just stay away?

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    You'll find a lot of people on both sides of the argument.

    Some people will say that their servers are dying.
    Some people will say that their servers have never been more alive and active.

    Some people will say that the new cross-realm zone feature (which puts players from multiple realms into the same zone), is the worst thing Blizzard has ever done and only leads to more competition for rare spawn and resources and leads to rampant ganking.
    Some people will say that the new cross-realm zone feature is helping to bring back the "MMO" to MMORPG and makes the leveling experience and the world PvP experience more active and enjoyable than ever.

    Some people will say that the content is uninspired and boring.
    Some people will say that it is some of the most enjoyable lore and story presentation that Blizzard has ever produced.

    Some people will say that PvP is a clusterfuck and completely imbalanced.
    Most people will agree with them. Sadly.

    Some people will say that they are bored, sick of doing dailies for the 1343245th day in a row.
    Some people will say that they have never had more to do, between raiding, LFR, the daily quest hubs and story progression, the new Challenge Mode dungeons, Scenarios, tending to their farm, and engaging in pet battling.

    Some people will say that the new raids are far too easy.
    Some people will say that the new raids have roadblocks that prevent smaller, more casual guilds from clearing them.
    Others still will say that the difficulty is just right.

    Ultimately, it will depend completely on your own tastes whether it is worth returning to Warcraft.

    Personally, I am enjoying Mists immensely. I casually PvE and dabble in PvP. I enjoyed the Tillers farm feature FAR more than I expected (I was one of those who grumbled about Farmville originally). I am finally getting around to pet battling, and that's quite fun, too. I don't feel forced to do dailies constantly, because I have all of the reputation gear that I need-- there were no reputation upgrades for me well before I reached Exalted with the first faction, so it's far from required.
    My guild and my server has never been more active, and there are far more people out and about in the world than there were in Cataclysm.

    It would help to know what made you decide to quit so that I could target a "review" of Mists more towards your playstyle and concerns.

    I can say that the raiding is better, in my opinion, than Firelands or Dragonsoul-- easily on par with T11 for me. There are some very interesting and very fun fights, and there are some boring and frustrating ones, just like every tier.

    PvP is in a rough spot right now, but balance changes are being made. We'll see what comes of that, and I can't speak very much for its state.

    The new leveling zones have much more cohesive storylines and, in my opinion, pleasing aesthetics than Cataclysm by far, and the daily quests for the various factions are reminiscent of the evolving hubs of the Molten Front, Argent Tournament, and Isle of Quel'Danas.
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    Get the 7 day trial and see for yourself

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    Daetur nailed it pretty perfectly. You're going to get a lot of opinions on both sides.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hplaner View Post
    Get the 7 day trial and see for yourself
    This. Just try it out. Like the other two dozen threads just like this, all you can do is try it yourself.

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