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    best ally and best horde race

    what do you guys think 50 % pve 50% pvp

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    I don't really understand the question. Can you be more specific?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fnx- View Post
    I don't really understand the question? Be more specific.
    what is the overall best race for pve and pvp for alliance and horde for a deathknight

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    alliance: draenei
    horde: blood elf
    female of course

    everything else is heresy

    probably human and orc, maybe goblin

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    For Ally I went NE simply for the evade boost. Helps with tanking.

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    Worgen and Orc, maybe Human
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    For PVE
    Ally side -

    Troll and Orc are basically tied in BiS DW gear.

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    if you are not hardcore , which you can't with %50-%50 bias , pick what you think is the best.

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    tanking ally - dwarf - 10% cd > crappy 2% increase miss from nelfs

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    Ally best pvp race is human for the free trinket, nothing can beat a double pvp power + on use pvp power/str. Combo it with a 600 inge on gloves + PoF (is frost spec) and you get high necrotics (not as good as in cata since the unnecessary HUGE nerf sadly...) + on demand burst.
    As for pve human race is still more than decent with the expertise bonus which gives you some free stats. Works for pvp aswell to reforge elsewhere.

    As for horde, orc for on use str, pet dmg bonus (for UH), - % stun duration (that stacks on top of FP) is an easy win for both activities.

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    I don't think there is a 50/50 best

    Alli: Human
    Horde: Undead

    Alli: Worgen
    Horde: Orc/Troll tied

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    Tanking - Undead. touch of the grave accounts for 7% of my self healing

    Oh and plus I never get feared on Sha as well which is always nice
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    AMS/Lichborne can make up for this, even AMZ + human trinket works.
    Didn't know that touch of the grave could be this high, is it global healing or overhealing out ?

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