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    Which would be better to use as a TV/Monitor?

    I've been looking at 2 LED HDTVs for about 4 days now and can't decide which one to get. It will serve as my main monitor and TV.

    Would the 120HZ be better or the bigger screen size be better?

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    Just curious: Why do you intend to use something so big as your regular monitor? How close are you going to be? What do you intend to use it for (gaming, home use, etc)? Do you plan on using a different resolution for things to be more easily readable?

    Sometimes I hook my laptop up to my friend's 46-inch to play around on WoW, which is fun and all... but the text is incredibly difficult to read unless I either change the resolution or change the font sizes. I couldn't imagine sitting at desk-range and having your eyes bleed out over the size of the screen being that close either. :x I was under the assumption that most people have a monitor + a TV and switch between them depending on the desired activity.

    EDIT: I know this post doesn't answer your question, but I'm genuinely curious. This is coming from someone who was going to buy a TV for the same purpose but realized I'd be wasting money on using it for anything other than just a TV.
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    My eyesight isn't the greatest and I'm going to be mostly gaming, doing some video editing and watching TV shows. As for distance, its around 3 feet for now till I get my new computer desk made. Then the distance will be around 4 and a half feet. Going to be using 1920 x 1080 resolution.

    I see your point. In that case which would be the better TV then? Kinda on a $400 budget.
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    If your primary games are mmo's and rts then tv/monitors would be fine. If your primary gaming is twich style (fps/tps) then you want a monitor.

    120hz tv's could possibly be worse off due to how they take a 60hz signal from your pc and have to do things to the picture before drawing it on your screen at 120hz (unless the tv happens to have a DualDVI input port where you can use a dual dvi cable (note it only has 1 set of plugs not 2 dual reffers to the wiring in it).
    http://www.p4c.philips.com/cgi-bin/d...scy=US&slg=AEN for more information about this.

    now: i looked up my 52" tv i'd been using for over a year as a monitor and while yes it made text much easier for me to read (i do wear glasses/use bifocals soon) that the TV had close to 11ms delay on what is happening and what it's showing. For mmo's and rts this isn't horrible BUT if you're into Fps games that's a critical difference between getting a headshot/pointblank shotgun kill when coming arround a corner or dying.

    I just recently got this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16824009222 it has a delay of only 2ms .. huge difference!!
    and yes it has proven to give me a huge difference in quality and in my twich games and picture quality. The monitor came with the cables i needed to right out of the box use it at 120hz.

    NOTE: if you're planning on using nivida vision 2 3d .. get a monitor not a tv.

    @hanto: yes picture tends to get blurry for text when you plug into a tv. you need to go into the television's settings (not in the computer's operating sytem) and turn off image sharpening. that will fix it)

    Here is another question for you. Does your directv/comcast receiver have HDMI output? i know the monitor i posted has speakers built in and if you use the hdmi you can plug that in there. Plug your pc into your DVI ports. and when you want to watch tv just usethe buttons to select the hdmi imput. No you can't watch both but remeber that with allmost EVERY provider for tv service your tv is never using it's channels so why use a TV when you can use a monitor that has speakers?
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