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    3v3 team for ele in 5.2

    hi curently i am resto shaman only because ele is garbage now but with 5.2 changesbseems they will be wiable. so curently i play resto(me) spriest war and after caster nerfs is hard to survive mele burst eaven with spriest so i am thinking to switch to ele maybe enh but dont like them in pvp then our priest can go disc or holy pala and war can go rouge or stay war as mele cleaves are on rise and silence nerfs seams paladins will be top healers and with rouge bufs rouges seams will be strong enough so you think hpal+ ele+ rouge/ could be wiable?

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    Honestly, I don't really think going from resto to elemental will improve anything.
    Holy paladins are only superior to resto shamans when playing a melee cleave, disc/holy priests are worse than both resto shamans and holy paladins so not really an option either if you want a decent rating.

    I think that you are currently playing the best combination you can, depending on how 5.2 will turn out, it might be better for your warrior to play his rogue, but that's really it. With the 5.2 changes, elemental will no longer be the weakest caster, however, they'll still be a lot weaker than shadow.

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