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    FIFA 13 Help please?

    as the title says, i need a hand on FIFA 13 mostly with controls but a bit on what modes are too, so my first and biggest problem is the controls, i know how to sprint, i know how to boot the ball, pass it around a bit then i have my problems i dont know the right key to use to score, well the best kick to use, i dont know how to switch to be the goalkeeper to save the goaland i dont know the best and easiest to way to get the ball off the opponent (Without slide tackling and getting sent off each time ) i dont know many of the skills etc... and with game modes, what is Be a pro? And the aim of A manager mode in career mode? as you can probably guess i only just got it as a gift for X-mas, but i've looked for tutorial vids and i cant find any so thats why i came here
    Any help would be awesome!
    Thanks WoW6000
    (P.S. i own an Xbox with it)

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    list of the controls.. its for both xbox and ps3 but will give you an idea of what everything does. All i really say is practice until you have a rough idea what all the buttons do, once you get the hang of the basic's then its easier to watch or find tips for tackling, flair / trick moves, lobs, powershots, crosses etc.. its much easier finding short video's than one big extensive tutorial video.
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