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    How is it the game in the US?

    So EU is well, I don't want to use "dying" but it feels like it, nothing sells, and the only upgrades I have left are BiS items which are going for billions of gold, I haven't found any decent item in weeks, not even something that sold for >2 mil. So I thought I'd give hardcore a go for the heck of it and I'm tempted to roll one on the US side of it if the situation is better over there.

    None of my friends are playing D3 anymore so if anyone is running hardcore and feels like teaming up that would be even better.
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    New Public EU softcore groups forming this past weekend and the holidays stood at 600+ per minute.
    That number is only for newly public groups available (no full public or private or solo games are counted in that number).

    That's hardly lower than the 800+ per minute that was shown after patch 1.05 was launched, considering you can only play MP0 with random public groups , there is hardly a decline in those last 3 months.

    Ok 3 weeks after launch (early June) with patch 1.03 when these new numbers were introduced that stood at 1800 per minute.

    But a 30% retention rate after 8 months launch is a pretty good number anyway for a game which sold 12 million copies by now.

    The secret behind D3 is that all players of one region ALL play on the same server cluster.

    With all players regrouped on one server, threads like "dying" are useless as everyone plays on the same AH on your region, that's pretty much 1 million per region for just 1 Auction House... or about 500 times ... BIGGER than on the biggest single server WOW AH's ...(per faction).

    Hint: adapt your prices on the AH all the time and you'll sell everything.
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