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    Exclamation PLEASE HELP!! Problem using Vegas Platinum HD Movie Maker 11.0


    I have been using this software for about a year now and have been pretty satisfied with it so far but now I've encountered a mega issue which is driving me crazy!

    I recently got an iPhone and i took lots of videos that i then put into Vegas to make a video. at first when there were only several clips it was fine but as i added more clips it got more and more jerky and eventually all the videos were just red and black flashing. very frustrating! if i left it for a bit sometimes i could glimpse bits of the actual clip between the flashings but that was about it. after i'd editted the clips and added music, transitions, texture etc the video was just under 4 mins long. i wasn't able to view the whole thing on Vegas because of the flashing so i tried to save it to my hard-drive. I chose the format and everything then clicked "Render". it started to render then after a few seconds claimed that my computer was low on memory which i'm sure its not. i tried again and a diferent excuse came up, and so on.

    I wanted to make this video a week ago but i cant because i am unable to view the clips and i cant render it, and after ive been on it for less than 5 mins the software just freezes and shuts itself down. i cant think why its doing this, ive made lots of videos on this software before, the only difference i can think of is that i was using videos from my iPhone 4 for the first time, but ive used videos from my friends iPod touch before and they were fine? so i dont know whats going on :P

    Ive tried uninstalling it then reinstalling it again but that didn't work.

    Please help!!! D:

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