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    Question [5.2] Actual global preview of PVP with announced things ?


    I wonder if anyone has a global idea, considering the last announces about class changes, of what the major changes will be in terms of PVP, in general ? Will there be major changes to the way healers do their job, will melee be more " equal " (I hope we, ret will get more consideration in general from other players for RBGs ), are there some changes for our flag carriers ? Many things seem to change for casters ? Finally, playing only melee classes & specs (Ret mainly, Warrior, Rogue and leveling a monk), I have it hard to get a vague idea of the impact of the major incoming changes, even if still beta. Do you have an idea of what it'll bring in terms of comps, and what will really be noticeable ?

    Thanks for your lights, I'm in the fog

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    Healing the same, burst down. Can't see mobility changing much.
    One cannot simply quit wow his way into Mordor.

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    There will be less (powerful) instant CC.

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