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    I just submitted this ticket in-game, so while i'm waiting for a reply from a blizzard representative i'm going to ask the good people of mmo-champ what you think.


    Hello. This might seem extremely unintelligent, but i'm gonna do it anyways. Cause i'm suicidal liek dat.

    Issue: Want to play max lvl PvP as warrior, don't wanna, takes too much time etc.
    Know I can play pvp now, but not same as max lvl pvp, shit xp compared to dung and quest.

    Quick max lvl - may enjoy max lvl pvp
    Ban - Most likely won't go back to wow and save me money in the long run.

    "Illegal" - Ban
    Lose all my chars

    What's your advice? )))) Only considering.

    (Sorry about the huge amount of grammar mistakes, I had to cut it down because of character limit).

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    You are asking us if you should pay someone to boost your char ?

    Wrong forum mate, wrong forum.

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    Ok, the GM actually thinks im suicidal. He linked me to befrienders dot org and ifotes dot org

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    I think you're asking if you should pay for power leveling which is considered illegal by Blizzard?

    I'm sorry but these types of threads aren't allowed here.

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