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    Jade spirit enchant for frost

    Can somebody please tell me how much of a dps boost this enchant offer? I'm using Windsong at the moment, but I want to know if Jade spirit offers a significant dps boost over this cheap enchant. Thank you.

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    If you cannot spare the gold don't break the bank to get it. I have just put this on my weapon, it's a dps increase, by how much i don't know. Windsong gives haste and crit sometimes when it's really not useful (mastery is always good), where this enchant is always useful.
    My advice is: if you can spare the gold, go for it.
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    It depend on your type of game.
    If you go for Hm or high rate PvP, go for the best.
    If not, keep the cheap.
    The answers is 42

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    Thanks for the replies. Is there a way to determine the dps increase from Windsong to jade spirit though? I'm sure some people tested it already, but I'm not good at reading logs and stuff like that. I know int is better than everything Windsong offers, but it also comes at a price. For example, I wouldn't want to enchant jade spirit for a mere 400 dps increase.

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    I got 35% to 55% uptime of the enchant yesterday (checked on my recent MSV logs), so on average it gives me 3% to 6% increased intellect (assuming base int at 14k) during the whole fight. I don't have exact numbers, but it roughly translates to something like 3000-5000 dps. IMO it is totally worth its price.

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