View Poll Results: How would you react if you saw a spirit or apparition?

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  • Scared enough to run

    19 14.96%
  • In curiousity

    56 44.09%
  • Confront it

    23 18.11%
  • Disbelief

    29 22.83%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cattaclysmic View Post
    Step 1. Dont look at fing- WOOOOOOAAA
    Damn, I need to stop drinking so much ...
    Wow, thats some good shit I just smoked ^^
    Quote Originally Posted by Aphrel View Post
    Keywords: India, Congo, Peru, South africa, childmarrages.
    Why have i never heard these words out of the mouth from a feminist?
    All they go on about is manspreading and how they wanna remove free speech and the evils of computergaming.
    Quote Originally Posted by Levelfive View Post
    Probably because your only exposure to feminism is what you read on gaming sites.

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    I would imagine that I'd be petrified at first. I definitely wouldn't be able to move, due to the fear moving
    faster than the speed of light all over my body, overwhelming all my senses and reason. Afterward I can
    see myself screaming louder than I've ever had and then NEVER going back to where I first saw it.

    Yes, I don't handle apparitions very well.

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    The last place you look
    depends whos ghost it is =P
    Quote Originally Posted by Zombiebob
    I'm still waiting on someone to tell me where all these people that suddenly care about Warrior balance were during Cataclysm when they were blow up dolls with plate armor on.
    Quote Originally Posted by cutterx2202 View Post
    Stop complaining to solve your lack of ability, and start reading and practicing to gain ability. Stop trying to bring people down to your level instead of striving to raise yours.

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    I'm shocked and appalled that "call Ghostbusters" isn't an option on the poll.

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    I'd think something was wrong with my mind.
    One cannot simply quit wow his way into Mordor.

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    try and be friends with it .. hoep its some really cute girl with life problems (obviously) then we can be friends and shit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cattaclysmic View Post
    Step 1. Dont look at fing- WOOOOOOAAA
    Well that's just common sense. Fingers are always pretty and hypnotism.

    ....I swear I don't have hand fetish.

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    Can't say as it will never happen.

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    depends how I saw it,

    if it appeared in broad day light, I would freak inside but stay calm

    if it appeared at night as I woke up, and was starting at me, Id shit bricks and run out into the street butt naked,

    if I was washing my face or something and it appeared in the mirror but not next to me in RL, heart attack would follow

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    Is the ghost hot?

    Same answer for aliens. If they are anime hot then please invade earth all you want.

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    At first I would probably be in shock but then I would probably try and move closer to it or talk to it. Maybe I would scare it off by screaming and running towards it and see how it likes being scared for once. I'd be more interested in it though so I would just want to try and interact with it.

    The same goes with aliens. If I ever saw a grounded UFO or an alien I would try to get closer to it and maybe try to touch the UFO and observe it and I would get closer to the aliens to just see what they're doing and maybe try to communicate with them. That would probably be a bad idea though so I probably wouldn't go as far as communicating with them but just try to get closer to observe them.

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