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    Cross realm raiding current content possible?

    By current content i mean MV, HoF, Terrace. Is it possible to cross realm? As far as I know its not possible, but I wanted to double check this here... i.e. has anyone actually tried and seen that it doesn't work? Thanks.

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    Does not work.

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    LFR works, but that's about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NickV View Post
    Does not work.
    Does not work or Blizzard wont allow us too?

    I dont really see how LFR or old raids are any different then current MoP raids that it isnt possible to do if they wanted too.

    I dont want cross server raids personally. IMO its actually going to hurt both sizes more than help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by katta View Post
    Does not work or Blizzard wont allow us too?

    Blizzard don't allow it. Subtle difference but same result for the end user.

    They "want to keep realm identity" etc. ie they want to charge you $$$ if you want to move to a better pve server.

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    One of the rumors is that this might be the big change in 5.2 concerning 25 man raids to make players run them.

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