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    Ret Paladin seeking weapon advice

    Hey all,

    Just wanted to get some advice and input on a weapon choice. My name is Gaurdians - earthen ring. As a new member i cannot yet post links yet.

    I have been using the LFR version of Shin'ka, execution of dominion for awhile now with the +500 str sha touched gem; however I have recently acquired the 489 Starshatter.

    Shin'ka currently has windsong on it (rather than dancing steel as it is quite expensive and saving for my best wep). And starshatter is an obvious all around upgrade; however i will be losing about 400 str!

    I am wondering which will be a better path?? I do have quite a bit of VP saved so I can upgrade either, as well as put dancing steel on one.

    Thanks all in advance!

    ---------- Post added 2013-01-04 at 10:45 PM ----------

    Item Level 489
    12055 - 18084 damage (speed 3.60)
    (4186.0 Damage per Second)
    1146 Strength
    1719 Stamina
    841 Critical Strike (1.40% lvl 90)
    634 Expertise (1.86 Lvl 90)

    No gems or enchants as of yet.

    Shin'ka, execution of dominion
    Item Level 483 - Raid Finder
    11400 - 17101 damage (speed 3.60)
    (3958.4 Damage per Second)
    1084 Strength
    1626 Stamina
    723 Critical Strike (1.21% lvl 90)
    723 Mastery (1.21 lvl 90)
    500 Strength Sha Touched Gem

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    Garrosh did nothing wrong.

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    As pointed out, please use the already open thread.


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