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    Question Looking for advice from Warlocks


    So I decided to take a good hard look and I wanted to ask for some help with the class itself. I have always loved the Warlock class, it is difficult and fun as heck to play. I wanted to ask some of the advice from the Warlock community and get you alls opinion.

    So I plan on making my Warlock my main toon from now on. But I had some PvE questions.

    What spec would be good for some one what does not have the ability to raid and only do 5mans, scenarios, LFR and the occasionally Sha? I am not in a raiding guild at all and just want to enjoy the content with out worrying about the next boss kill. I dont just want to get buy I want to be completive on the DPS meters i 5mans and LFR so I was curious what spec would be the best one to pick. Currently I am Destro for PvE and and I am enjoying it but I will be honest it seems to be a bit boring since it is only a couple of spells. Or does it come down to what I like to play and how good am I at it.

    If this was hard to follow for what ever reason I can fill in any information gaps just let me know. Here is my Armory as well so I can be told what I am doing wrong.


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    If you aren't doing any serious raiding, then honestly you can play however you want. All 3 specs can top the meters in LFR and 5 mans, I main affliction in raids but play destro in 5 mans sometimes because trash just dies so much faster, and getting into a boss fight with 4 embers up is hilarious as the tank struggles to maintain aggro.

    That said, demo also does well in 5 mans between popping into meta and using the felguards wrathstorm, so ultimately the choice is yours. Nobody is going to kick you from a group for low dps so play what you want. My only suggestion would be to at least get a feel for affliction, as if you ever decide to make the plunge into normal raiding, affliction is one of the best dps specs you can have.

    In terms of your current char, you are going to want to reach 15% hit as soon as possible, and from there follow the stickied guides in this forum as to how you want to gem/reforge. Expertise also gives spell hit now (it's under the melee tab) so feel free to abuse this by reforging into expertise on gear that already has hit. Your gloves which are epic will likely be kept for a while, so stick an 160hit/160mastery gem in there to start.

    Not much else to say really, play all three specs and decide on the two you like the most.
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