About Us

Tainted is a multinational guild with an experienced core that has been playing together since Vanilla. Our core is a pretty even split between English and Norwegian, but we have members from other European countries too.

Prior to Tainted we raided on Lightning's Blade, and experienced all content on offer in Vanilla and TBC. With WotLK a group of us broke off, wanting a slightly less taxing raid schedule and formed Tainted and have been raiding together ever since. We cleared all content in Wrath and Cata in 10m except Yogg+0 which we did not attempt.

Our goal as a guild is to experience all raiding content on offer, in a slightly more casual (read: Not 5 days a week) environment. We have lost 3 of our most dedicated raiders at the start of Mists and have struggled to replace them from our own realm thus we now are seeking cross realm as well.

Our Raid Times:

Wednesday 20:00 to 00:00 Server Time
Sunday 20:00 to 00:00 Server Time
Monday 20:00 to 00:00 Server Time

Current Progress:

MgV - 6/6 Normal
HoF - 3/6 Normal

What We Are Looking For:

* 1 Mage
* 1 Random Ranged DPS
* 1 Random Melee DPS

What We Offer:

* A mature, stable raiding environment.
* A chance to experience all raiding content on offer.
* Strong, experienced leadership.
* A more flexible guild to raid in, but with an emphasis on making solid progress - whilst we only raid two nights a week, we work hard to make those raids count.
* A friendly atmosphere.

What We Expect:

* An excellent level of written and spoken English.
* The ability to attend at least 2 of 3 raids a week.
* Skilled and adaptable.
* Strong knowledge of your class and a desire to improve.
* A strong team ethic, we win together and we lose together.
* Friendly, with a sense of humour.
* A desire to see all the content on offer.
* Loyalty.

Obviously, ideally we would like geared and experienced raiders however if you can demonstrate a strong desire to raid and class knowledge these are minor obstacles to overcome.

Please reply to this thread, or contact me ingame on Twilight's Hammer on Elegra or Alowyn if the above sounds interesting to you, for an informal chat.