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    I have done a few times just to for example avoid dispell duty, kiting and stuff like that when I'm tired (some days I have very hard concentrating on what I'm doing and yawns all day, no clue why).
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    As a noob I dont have this luxury unfortunatly

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    Quote Originally Posted by iolar View Post
    As a noob I dont have this luxury unfortunatly

    i feel this is a good answer

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    Nice and varied experiences / answers sofar. Mileage may vary indeed.

    Quote Originally Posted by iolar View Post
    As a noob I dont have this luxury unfortunatly
    My good man, if you call yourself a noob, you're not. You're just a newbie. Nuttin' wrong with dat.
    If World of Warcraft has taught me anything, it's that teaching a crowd something is far harder than teaching individuals.

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    I usually try to keep a low profile; as far as interaction with other players, like LFR / LFD, is concerned, I'll just do the very minimum. I do my job, you won't wipe because of me, but I won't go out of my way to make someone else's job easier. Is that just being lazy or am I merely pretending? Who knows. But I personally believe it is better hold back a bit and surprise people every now and then instead of acting all high and mighty and then showing you're not.
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    Only when people are demanding that we use a completely retarded tactic, like CCing all 3 healers on Blade Lord, or the tank wants to take Garalon for a walk round the edge while ignoring the mechanics and hoping that the healers make up for it.

    Then I'll be all like "tell me more about your amazing plan".

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    Yep, I confess! Often I don't feel like typing these long and serious sentences in a group. Capital letters and dots makes you look too serious imo. So I usually stick with the 'lol ty omg' language, which might make me look like a bit of a noob, but a lot more cheerful.

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    Guilty, I am to lazy to explain the fights. Plus I type like a grandpa. So I would get the "OMG type faster" in raid chat. I act noobish in a lot of things in real life because I don't want people to think that I am a superfluous ass.

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    Sometimes it takes the smartest person in the room to play the fool. Many comedians are extremely smart yet will tell 'stupid' jokes if it means making their audience laugh. I have to say that in raiding the downright funniest moments are when something completely stupid and unexpected happens (usually due to player error), example: Raid leader goes on a tirade about avoiding some one shot mechanic in a fight, then immediately proceeds to die to said mechanic on the next pull. I was running a dungeon on an alt the other day and there was some hunter who turned on aspect of the pack when running back from a wipe and then left it on for the rest of the run. I was laughing so much at the sheer stupidity of having to complete the rest of the dungeon being dazed (i was the tank).
    Most people would rather die than think, and most people do. -Bertrand Russell
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    I have, not to avoid any duty or as an excuse to play worse. I just joined a guild with my level 85 priest claiming not to have any level 90s (I have a level 90 mage and monk) simply because I want to learn and progress with my new guild.
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    On my heroic geared toons, when people in dungeons asked me what to do as they thought I should know, I would occasionally tell them I'd bought the account on eBay.

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    Yes. 10-chars.

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    Of course. When, after a long break, I pick up tanking again, I usually state something like 'I haven't done this in a long time...' Or something like that.
    Better to set expectations low and give good results than to have expectations of a rush-tank and instead deliver meticulous play.

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    Yes, when I used to PvP against my girlfriend (now ex).
    She really didn't stood a chance, but I didn't want to sleep on the couch either.

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    I never felt the need to. If I can help group success by teaching tactics, I will do it. I don't see the need to be lazy about it.

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    Only when doing lfr.. I allow myself to die for a stupid reason so I can afk the rest of the fight.

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    Oh yeah I've done it in terms of trolling people from time to time anyway. I rarely do it anymore now haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by Priestiality View Post
    I never really bothered in WoW, but in all aspects of real life I never, ever give away the true measure of my intelligence. It's fun to see the difference in the way people treat you when they think you're an idiot as opposed to knowing how smart you actually are.
    I like you.

    I usually die once or twice to a boss, but after that I know that standing in fire is NOT a spell power buff (once wiped LFR DS on hagara trash, "stand in the tornadoes! Its a haste buff!"). I used to think raiders were smart, so I didnt raid till cata. I was amazed. People showed their true colors on h ultrax... clicking was hard aparently.
    Why is there no "Demonhunter" hero class yet? He was only the coolest hero in WC3. Get busy Blizzard.

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    not reading your post, just your topic title.
    yes i have. its easy

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