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    Optimal surround sound headphone settings for WoW?

    I just got a pair of Plantronics GameCom 780 headphones. I've never used surround sound or headphones in WoW before. What are the ideal settings in-game and out of game to get the best sound possible in WoW?

    I've set Windows to 7.1 surround sound.

    In game which of these options will give me the best results?
    - Should I enable Headphone mode or no?
    - What about Reverb?
    - How many sound channels?
    - Does high quality sound make a difference?

    The game doesn't make it easy to know which of these settings will work best, which is why I'm asking here.

    Currently I'm rolling in headphone mode, with reverb enabled, medium quality sound channels, and high quality sound. I'm not really get any surround sound effects though and the experience has been pretty underwhelming. Am I doing something wrong, or is this just how it's going to be?

    Thanks for your help in advance. Also, I got a really good deal on this headset, so I'm not really concerned whether you think it sucks or not.

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    Surround headsets are more or less just a scam. You get the same surround experience from a good stereo headset (Consider the fact we only have 2 ears to begin with. If you want proof, just put on a normal stereo headset and play this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HprNPCRyP40).

    There's no reason not to max out the Sound settings, I'm not sure why you wouldn't? Except Reverb, it sounds like grabage and ruins audio quality. Headphone mode should be disabled as well, it's not really useful.
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