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    Need Help with Ret DPS - Logs included

    I have my friend keep a ret DPS offspec for fights when we don't need 2 healers.
    He is ~ 476 iLvl and is struggling with putting out respectable DPS as ret, and he doesn't really know what to do and I haven't touched Ret since WoTLK.

    Here are the logs of our raid last night where he was DPS the entire night.


    Any of you RetPros that would be willing to take a look and give some advise would be awesome.

    Thank you ahead of time for any feedback.

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    Looks like he doesn't really use wings as much as he could and execution sentence. Inquisition uptime is pretty bad as well. May suggest to him to download clcret/info and give that a try if he is new to the spec.

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    for one he needs inquisition up 100% of the time not 73%

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    Grab the addon CLCRet. It'll tell him exactly what button to push and when.

    Even the baddest of baddies should be able to do decent DPS then.

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