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    Tips on soloing Illidari Council in Bt as a monk?

    Who do you focus on?

    With all of them attack me, I get smooshed. The healer more than half the time becomes immune to my attacks... doubt I can out dps the constant healing going on and my heals can't out heal their dmg.

    Any tips?

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    The Illidari Council can be soloed pretty easily by a Death Knight, Hunter and perhaps other classes that can withstand the damage. Things to be aware of are Lady Malande has a Circle of Healing ability that can be interrupted. Gathios the Shatterer puts Consecration on the ground intermittently throughout the fight and casts Blessing of Protection on one of the other members of the Council (usually Lady Malande). High Nethermancer Zerevor casts Blizzard intermittently throughout the fight. Avoid the AOE abilities and interrupt Malande's healing and you should be able to get through the fight pretty easily.

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    you sit on the healer and cleeeeeeeeeeeeeave!!!!!

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    Spam sck, chi burst, and touch of karma with putting in some single target stuff here and there. Thats if you're windwalker..ITs cake as brewmaster.

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    Out of my ret pala, SV Hunter and Blood DK I found WW monk to be the easiest on these, and its the worst geared too. pop cd's at start focus on the healer until she gets immune from the pala and just spin away. Use the touch of......can't remember name, makes you absorb and reflect the damage, works wonders here.

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    I just use Expel Harm on cooldown and Chi Wave when necessary (usually not even once), which is more than enough to keep up with the damage intake.

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    as the poster above said, expel harm & chi wave on cooldown, pop touch of kharma and f*ck em all.

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    I found staying out of AOE the most help. If you cannot burst them down then move around as needed and switch if they get bop'd. 5min fight for me at ilvl 452.

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    I did it with my WW monk just burst on the ret pala and kite him around, stay away from aoe and use ur cd's wisely for thes rest it's easy

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    I soloed it as ret by kiting the ret paladin all the way around the room and up the ramp to illidans door then back down the other side to keep line of sight from the healer. Easiest way to do it if you don't have a lot of dps gear like myself (since its my OS) 7/7 Mythic EN / 3/3 Mythic ToV / 10/10 Mythic NH / 9/9 Mythic ToS some old school CM fun
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    On my demo lock I pop all cooldowns and kill them within 15-20 seconds. I don't know if that's possible on most other classes.

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    How can you just focus on the pally? She heals a lot AND very very often and don't think I can outdps the heal

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    I wouldn't say "focus"the paladin per se but you should make him your main target because he can't cast his hand spell that grants immunity on himself. Otherwise try to keep them clustered and cleave them down. Their health pool is shared, so you should attack primarily with AoEs.
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    Other than the spin kick, what other AoE is there lol, it's not that strong either.

    Well i'll give it a try, see how it is, maybe I can burst down

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    go BM and do nothing but keg smash, SCK, and BoF

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    I've always just kited the paladin around the staircase. Probably easier ways to do it (and quicker too!), but that's always worked for me. Just be sure to aoe tag the other guys, otherwise they seem to despawn on death and you get no loot.

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    Expel harm + Chi wave = gg

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    Quote Originally Posted by cyqu View Post
    go BM and do nothing but keg smash, SCK, and BoF
    Also interrupt the heals to avoid losing time !

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    Steps to soloing council as a monk:
    1. Apply face to keyboard
    2. Roll face around
    3. Loot

    Seriously though, it's pretty faceroll as a WW. Don't stand in stuff, chi wave on CD and expel harm as filler, otherwise I mostly just SCK the whole time, I don't bother interrupting heals even. ToK, FB, and Diffuse Magic if really needed. ToD if you want to save some time, don't expect it to kill them though.

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    Not trying to be mean but it's a level 70 raid and you're a level 90. Interrupt the healer and kill them with cleaves. They don't have very much health. Not quite sure how you could be having trouble. Just looked and they only have 4.3 mil health. This should drop fast since it's a shared health pool.

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