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    I would remove them.
    This guy has the right of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daverid View Post
    I would either Remove them (If there was literally no way to give EVERY race a Really interesting fluff/aesthetic racial, which ofc seems ridiculous) or just remove any racial which gives a Combat Bonus and change to something Aesthetic.

    For example Dwarf - Remove Stoneform and replace with 3 Racials (Each basically the same). Each one just allows you to turn from the standard Dwarf, into either Dark Iron, Wildhammer or Frostborn. 1 Hour Transformation with a 1 Hour CD. Would be perfect for RP'ers, and general appearance change stuff is always cool.
    I think this would be acceptable as well.

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    Either make them all aesthetical, or occasionaly handy, convenient stuff like breathing underwater for Forsaken, or remove them all.
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