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    Heroic Leap; how do you fit this skill within your rotation?

    How do you guys manage to fit HL into your regular rotations?

    I can't get a hold of this skill because it requires a certain distance to use it.

    When I use it end up behind the boss, and lose dps as I turn to face him again.

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    heroic leap isn't on the GCD, so its very easy to make use of it in a normal rotation. Just be sure to only use it under the effects of CS.

    Leap also faces you in the direction that you leap in, so turn with your mouse as you land.

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    Strafe to one side of the boss and leap to the other, while still being behind the boss the entire time. This way you don't lose any melee swings and are always behind the boss. As for when to use it, I'm sure you already know, but during CS when available (which should be every other leap).

    It usually ends up being ~3% of my dps on most fights and 4-6% on Wind Lord because it easily crits as much as Dragon Roar during CS

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    intervene out ?

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    I have to bound to the number 1 key on my mouse, and just know the minimum distance required. It's really easy to add DPS with it, but it takes some practice. On a fight like Garalon, I save it though, getting to legs is more important.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElboWw View Post
    intervene out ?
    You risk intervening into fire, having your camera spin and mess up HL targetting, etc.

    Its really not that hard to stand on the back left leg and leap to back right leg.

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    hump one side of the boss, leap to the other side

    lather rinse repeat
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    The bigger the hit box the easier, for example it's extremely easy to squeeze in Heroic Leap in the Elegon encounter due the huge hitbox.

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    During my CS, I use it to get on the other side of the boss's back, bosses like Grand Empress it's easier, than say Protectors of the Endless.
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    During the pull, I charge in -> CS -> Rocket Boost -> HL crit +300k.

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    You HL once during Bloodthirst + CS
    Then again on cooldown
    Then again during Bloodthirst +CS

    Always from one side of the boss to the other

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    #showtooltip Bloodthirst
    /cast Bloodthirst
    /cast !Heroic Leap

    I use this macro so i dont forget to use my heroic leap, the circle will come up every time it's off cd and ready for use

    (theres only 1 down side, when the circle is up it's not posible to change target, atleast with your mouse so on elegon orbs etc. this can make problems, but just jump fast and you should be okay)

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    ^Terrible idea. You want to be using HL W/ CDs/CS, not just every time its off CD (Although since its a 30 second CD you should be lining it up every other time w/ BB and every 1st/3rd CS anyway). And on some fights its better to use it at certain times for damage, or at certain times for mobility, such as H:Blade Lord (Use it first for damage, next time to get out of the AoE to charge in) or H:Elegon after sparks to get out quickly to maximize damage from other attacks on elegon himself.

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