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    Reformatting with everything Downloaded to disc - what Mobo Drivers to install?


    So sadly I lost both my Win7 and my Mobo Drivers discs, went and downloaded then burned the .ISO image from Dells site for the Windows 7 Disc, so that's done.

    But I am wondering, exactly what do I need to download for my Mobo drivers? I reformatted this comp once already about 8 months ago using my mobos driver disc, all I had to do was click "install the drivers only" It apparently came with other non needed stuff.

    Here is the site where I can download all the drivers for my Mobo (P8P67-M) Using Win7 64 http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/Int...P67M/#download

    If do not want to click, here is a list of all the options to download

    Qualified Vendor List (2)
    BIOS (10)
    BIOS-Utilities (2)
    Chipset (2)
    AUDIO (1)
    LAN (1)
    USB (3)
    Utilities (7)
    SATA (3)
    Others (1)
    Manual (12)

    I am assuming for the ones I do need I should download the most recent ones.

    So yeah, out of those options, exactly what will I need to download so I can burn it to a disc and install it when I get a fresh install of windows

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    both from chipset
    first from usb
    first and second from sata

    and if you use the Asus AI Suite to monitor temps ect... the first from utilities.

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    You possibly need to install the lan driver first because this driver isn't available through windows update or w7 disc and you might need to save it on a flashdrive

    Chipset > Sata > Audio > usb > Utilities > Others

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    Intel Chipset INF Update Program (infinst_autol.exe)
    Realtek Audio Driver (Optional, the Windows driver is normally fine)
    NEC USB 3.0 controller driver
    Realtek Network Driver (Auto-Installation Program)
    Asmedia 106x driver (Only if you use the extra SATA Ports, otherwise may cause significant slowdown on boot)
    Intel Rapid Storage driver (STOR_Win7_8_11.7.0.1013_PV.exe - advanced users would get STOR_Win7_8_11.7.0.1013_f6flpy-x64.zip for installation prior to Windows itself)
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