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    [A] <Shadow Forest> 8/16hc (25 man, 2 day) - Dragonblight EU.

    <Shadow Forest> Dragonblight EU.

    <Shadow Forest> is recruiting for 25man raiding.

    Re-formed at the start of this expansion our aim is to maintain as best progress as we can while initially raiding two days a week, Wednesday and Sunday 19:30-23:30 server time. Many of the players in the guild have raided high end content, hardcore, 4-5 nights a week and we now enjoy a more relaxed raiding schedule, not to say however that we do not keep good progress as we have taken pride in the past on being able to keep up with guilds putting in far more hours.

    So why join us over someone else?

    - We can offer you a stable guild, we have raided together as a core group for nearly four years (previously being called Shadowforest Brotherhood), competitive finishes in all most previous raiding tiers, clearing content. You will find our raids effective and time efficient while trying to remain relaxed and fun.

    - Performance awarding raid time, we do not like to over-recruit and have 15 people on standby. We are firm believers that if you perform well you should be rewarded with a regular spot.

    - We will only ever expect you to attend the 2 main days. We will sometimes add a Monday if we are closing in on a kill or perhaps have something (tier boss) uncleared however this is totally optional and attendance will not be mandatory.

    - 25man raiding on scheduled raid days.

    - EPGP loot distribution.

    What do we expect from you?

    We require a few simple things:

    - A good understanding of the game and good ability to play your chosen class to a high level.

    - A good attitude, able to wipe on a boss and still keep your focus, taking criticism and improving on your mistakes.

    - Commitment, we understand that from time to time you just cant make a raid which is fine, however we prefer not to over recruit so need applicants to be able to raid on both the days mentioned above.

    - Competitive, we want players who strive to be the best and play to their fullest meaning your character is optimized with decent raiding professions, best enchants and the means to come to raids fully prepared with the best consumables. If you are the kind of player who is happy to cruise by doing the bare minimum we are not for you.

    What are we recruiting right now?

    We are always open to good players of any class however right now emphasis is on:

    - Ranged DPS - Any exceptional.

    - Melee DPS - Any exceptional.

    - Tank - Low, exceptional apps always considered.

    - Healer - Any exceptional.

    Further information and contact details.

    Feel free to take a look at our WOLs -

    Server progress can be seen here -
    EU 25 man, 2 day raiding progress here -

    Our website can be found here -

    Alternatively please contact Skeptic, Galleus or Hiddeen outside of our raid times.
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    7/12hc, Recruiting.

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    8/16hc, Recruiting.

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    Any exceptional applications considered.

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    11/16HC Still Recruiting Exceptional DPS and MW Monk/H Pally.

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