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    Grey or very light blue, not entirely sure.

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    Jade green with a light green swirl.

    Oh, you mean my natural color? Well, when I'm not wearing contacts I have dark brown, nearly black eyes.

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    Hazel. They usually hang out at a middle-ish color, but will sometimes turn full green - it's usually random, but I've noticed they do it almost all the time when I'm furiously angry or crying. I like them, and wouldn't change them.

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    Green/Hazel, I'm quite fond of them.

    Anything but brown eyes, bleh.
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    Dark brown eyes..., i think i like them, that's a quite common color here but i'm ok with them :P

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    Very light brown.

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    What color are your eyes? Dark dark brown.
    Do you like your eyes? Yeah I suppose.
    What would you change about them? I don't know.
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    Heterochromia; Green/Blue

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    Just plain ol' brown. I have nothing wrong with it, though someday I want to buy contacts that change the color of your eyes just to see how I look.

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    Brown and green (central heterochromia)

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    I have central heterochromia, my eyes are green but with a brown circle around the pupil.
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    Green~ish/brown. In fluorescent light they're almost military green, not sure about natural light (I don't really walk around with a mirror in the sun so..). It's a little funny; my hair color is almost exactly the same as my eye color, and it shifts in color depending on lighting just the same as well.

    I like 'em, would like bright green eyes though.
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    Green used to be grey oh and note sure about the inner ring but i do have one.
    Change i dunno full white no pupils no iris just pure 100% white.

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    jade green with darker green edges.
    yeah, they really pop when i'm pissed off.

    other then making them bio-luminescent no i rather like them the way they are.

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    This is mine. They're darker/more brown in poor lighting and more olive green when in the sun.

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    ^^this color. I'm not entirely sure what you would call it though.
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    Grey, like the men of Numenor...

    wouldn't change.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kagonos View Post

    ^^this color. I'm not entirely sure what you would call it though.
    I'd call it Soundgarden because it looks like a Blackhole Sun! Really cool looking.

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    Hazel I guess? and ya I like them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maxilian View Post
    Dark brown eyes..., i think i like them, that's a quite common color here but i'm ok with them :P
    I have very Dark Brown eyes, but they're not really common over here. I think 70% of the country has blue eyes. Most of my family has blue eyes as well.
    Even most people in my country with brown eyes have a lighter colour than me.

    And I'm white. It's weird seeing people with darker skin colours than me having lighter coloured eyes. I'm like the opposite of a black person with blue eyes, although of course my situation is a bit more common.

    I think I would've prefered Blue eyes though. But I've gotten used to Brown eyes so what's the point of thinking "what if"?

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