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    Enhance shaman rotation, spec, gear what not help

    I've been directed to noxxic by several friends to help learn classes.. but I've seen mostly here on mmo-c that noxxic isn't really good at what they do.

    So basically I'm wondering if the rotation, stat prio, spec and everything else that noxxic is telling me is at least more or less correct for maximizing my dps later. I'm only 85 right now just started leveling again.

    This is what noxxic told me:

    Agility > Expertise (7.5%) = Melee Hit (7.5%) > Mastery > Haste > Crit

    For reforging just put the weakest stat on a piece of gear without mastery into mastery, after hitting exp/hit cap that is.

    Shoulders[Greater Tiger Claw Inscription]
    Cloak[Enchant Cloak - Superior Critical Strike] [Enchant Cloak - Accuracy]
    Chest[Enchant Chest - Glorious Stats]
    Bracers[Enchant Bracer - Greater Agility]
    Gloves[Enchant Gloves - Superior Mastery] [Enchant Gloves - Superior Expertise]
    Belt[Living Steel Belt Buckle]
    Legs[Shadowleather Leg Armor]
    Boots[Enchant Boots - Blurred Speed]
    Main Hand[Enchant Weapon - Dancing Steel]
    Off Hand[Enchant Weapon - Dancing Steel]

    Meta[Agile Primal Diamond] - 216 agi and 3% inc crit effect
    Prismatic[Delicate Primordial Ruby] - 160 agi
    Blue[Glinting Imperial Amethyst] [Accurate Imperial Amethyst] - 80 agi and 160 hit / 160 exp and 160 hit respectively
    Red[Delicate Primordial Ruby] - 160 agi
    Yellow[Adept Vermilion Onyx] - 80 agi and 160 mastery

    It also recommends Engineering which I have for profession dps gains but doesn't recommend a second good one to get.. Thinking about leatherworking for the second prof.

    15. Astral Shift, 30. Windwalk totem, 45. Call of the Elements, 60. Echo of the Elements, 75. Ancestral Guidance, 90. Unleashed Fury

    Various glyphs are optional it says and only recommends one which would be the Glyph of Chain Lightning.

    Lightning Shield
    Main-hand: Windfury Weapon
    Off-hand: Flametongue Weapon buffs to maintain at all times

    For single target it says:
    Searing Totem Maintain at all times. Provides Searing Flames.
    Unleash Elements on cooldown. Buffed by Unleashed Fury.
    Lightning Bolt with 5 Maelstrom Weapon.
    Stormstrike / Stormblast on cooldown.
    Lava Lash on cooldown.
    Flame Shock refresh DoT when Unleash Flame is up.
    Earth Shock as a filler spell.

    For AoE fights it says:
    Keep Magma Totem down, Flame Shock a target and immediately Lava Lash to spread Flame Shock. Then use Fire Nova every time it's up. Whenever Maelstrom Weapon stacks to 5, cast Chain Lightning. Also, use Unleash Elements every time it's up, so that Fire Nova can take advantage of Unleash Flame.

    Basically what I'm saying is this is what I've read and have been doing and what I'm asking is if you could read through it and let me know if there is something wrong about it and if you could recommend what I should be doing instead. Thanks

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    I see nothing wrong with this information.

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    Looks okay to me. Honestly you should just read the sticky thread http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...-MoP-Patch-5-1

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    I'd recommend Blacksmithing as your second profession. It gives 320 Agility like the rest of the professions, however it will come out ahead if secondary stats end up having a higher stat weighting in the future (This is because BS gives 320 x 2 secondary stat gems totaling 640 of a stat)
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    Glyph of Chain Lightning isn't mandatory or anymore recommended than other glyphs imo, it's situational like the rest.

    Otherwise looks good as a starting base. =]

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    The only thing it doesn't mention is hard-casting Lightning Bolt with 1+ or 3+ MW stacks.

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