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    Quote Originally Posted by 7seti View Post
    Hell no. Mounts and pets are bad enough as it is. A pay-to-play game should not have developer time spent on items you have to pay extra for.
    I totally agree with you. If WoW were F2P, then I'd be okay with Paid Mounts, Pets, and Transmog sets... But its not only a game you have to BUY the box / digital copy for.. but then pay 15$ a month to keep playing the game. Its silly for them to be charging for anything on top of that, let alone something new

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arcilux View Post
    If Blizz dropped the subscription (or made it optional like SWTOR) then I think it would be a good change. I HATE when a f2p game sells anything other than cosmetic items for real money so statless transmog sets would be the best thing for Blizzard to sell in the cash shop.
    Agree. I'd prefer that there was a way to obtain them in game as well (even if it was relatively difficult) *if* Blizz keeps the sub fee though.

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    Pretty much the same feeling i got about blizzard store mounts and pets - Zero fucks given.
    It's just cosmetic stuff afterall. Nothing to rage about, nothing to cry about, nothing to dream of.

    The moment those transmog sets have current-content relevant stats of them I'll be mad though. I hate pay-2-win, and therefore I hate F2P model that abuses this "feature".

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    If the set look cool, why not? Not like blizzard forces you to buy a statless set.
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    Muh main

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    Quote Originally Posted by Constellation View Post
    I think my subscription fee should cover it. I'd rather they do fun, meaningful content development, like class-only and even racial quests (like they do in starter zones) to obtain unique, high poly and signature gear of a race or class. Like a Sentinel's Armour or Blademaster garb.
    Now this, THIS is the sort of idea I can get behind.

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    I don't see any point of being opposed to it.

    I probably wouldn't buy any of it, but that's just because I like to design and earn my own transmog sets. If someone else wants to pay money for a pretty-looking set of gear, then so be it; it's not like they're buying it for a high prestige value, it just looks good.

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