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    Thought Blizz fixed premade Random BG's?

    Went into my 6th random BG trying to get my win of the day, when I happened to come across something amazing.... a premade in random BG! I thought blizz specifically stated that this is no longer possible? What ended up happening was quite amazing actually, they initially lost out on the cap to Docks and Workshop, and we rushed their base. That's when everything stupid started happening. They had a large majority of all of their force spawn camping us inside the alliance base, and when we actually tried to go and rez at a new spawn point, they had prettty damn geared groups of 4 or 5 taking care of all of us.

    Gotta say though, was neat to see them only lose 20 people, while we lost all 300 of our units.


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    Yeah, the same way they were suppossed to fix a lot of things, imagine, but I am sure they are spending important time nerfing things like trinkets like Orb of Deception from 30 duration and 5 min cool down to 5 min duration and 30 min cool down, cause yeah that is awfully important.

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    So strange. I too believed it wasn't possible to do premades anymore. But honestly, I don't blizz cares too much about pvp, with so much other shady shit going on. I do miss those premades though:| was fun. Pity all the leaders left or quit after getting 250k.

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    I suppose they could have found a workaround for the queue limit via an addon.

    Not long after the change went live, I happened into an eye of the storm where an enemy team with four multiboxers and four other members of the same guild were on a team. Needless to say, reported them.
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    They specifically made a single addon, Alterac Valley something or another, not controlled by one person. They didn't "break" premades, and while they feel that premades are breaking the spirit of random BGs, they aren't gonna do much about em.

    To be specific, Alterac Valley Premade, which is what I think the addon was called, not sure, allowed one person to moniter 40 different ppls que (the ppl they were doing a premade with). They could have them all simultaneously que, check to see if all 40 ppl were getting into the same AV, and then have all 40 ppl enter the AV at the exact same time. There are still addons that allow you to see, say, what random BG you will be getting, and the specific number thus allowing you to make premades, but it no longer allows for full automation by one person.
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    does oque still allow to run 40m? or is it stuck at 5m?

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    The quickest fix is to simply stagger queue pops w/ an RNG timer and the problem fixes itself, but they won't do it.

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    I don't see what the problem is with premades, you should complain more about the 250k HKs achievements, or the B.S Battlemaster achievements.

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